The Path to the Kabbalah Centre

There are some branches of Christianity that believe that their way is the only path to divinity and only through their strict teachings and beliefs can someone attain God's enlightenment. On the other side of this are branches of faith that are tolerant of different viewpoints, that all come to the same conclusion, that different beliefs and studies can find enlightenment and creation together. One such faith and place of learning is the Kabbalah Centre. The Centre understands this wisdom not as an academic wisdom but as a way of creating a better life.

The Kabbalah Centre website begins with links such as "What is Kabbalah?" It explains their healing spirituality beliefs, as well as the Kabbalah study of the Hebrew books of the Torah and Zorah, which govern the well being of all practitioners of this faith. It is through these studies that one begins to journey down the path to learning God and attaining the gift of learning creationism. It is similar to how Buddhism and Hinduism practitioners seek enlightenment in their journey.

The website offers other links besides the basic teachings for beginners. It also features a section devoted to a blog written by Yehuda Berg and another blog written by Michael Berg. These two gentlemen play prominent roles in Kabbalah communities for their wisdom and guidance. Other features of the Kabbalah Centre website are the seventy two Names of God, The Zohar, The Scholarship Fund, and many more sections devoted to finding out as much as possible about the power of Kabbalah, Kabbalah water, Kabbalah art, a Kabbalah name and the Kabbalah tree of life.

One very interesting section that you might want to browse through is The Red String link to the left of the page. Since this is a prominent outward sign of Kabbalah and is often seen on such celebrities as Madonna, it may be of interest to you to know the benefits of the Kabbalah red string bracelet. Did you know it is worn to ward off the evil eye and negative energy associated with negative folks?

The Kabbalah Centre website is a great place to begin your journey to learning more about the path to creationism and how Kabbalah may work for you. It may not work at all but at least you will have educated yourself on another religious viewpoint and perhaps gain tolerance for another way of life. That is all anybody can ask for in today's world.