Meaning of Kabbalah Symbols

Kabbalah symbols mean something to the followers of the Jewish faith, just as Christian symbols mean something to Christians. The tree of life symbol and the Kabbalah red string bracelet are symbols that are recognized within the Jewish community as a part of Kabbalah faith.

The Kabbalah talisman means something more than just a pretty piece of a necklace. It has a standing all of its own and a representation of a history within the Kabbalah faith that cannot be mistaken for sheer bling and glitz no matter what superstar wears it as decoration.

As far as Kabbalah symbols go, the tree of life symbol represents the basic thoughts and studies of the Jewish community that practices Kabbalah. It was first called the Etz HaChayim and is believed to be a tool to understanding God and how he created everything from nothing. The branches of the tree of life are a road map of the steps of creation and how they are all linked together to represent one root to which we are all bound together, almost as if we are all one family under one creator.

The Kabbalah tree, or the tree of life symbol is called the diagram of the Sephiroth and is a drawing of how creation came to be. It comes from the texts of Sefer Yetzirah, Bahir, and the most widely known, the Zohar. It would be next to impossible to explain, without drawings, how the tree of life symbols actually look since so many of the texts differ on the numbers, path and even plants that the Sephot actually represent. It is a matter of which representation of the books and beliefs that the tree of life actually takes on, that make up the life pathways for the drawings themselves. You would need to look it up to know.

Christianity has its cross. The followers of different religions each have symbols that they believe to be sacred. Kabbalah symbols, such as the tree of life symbol are no different. It takes on a life of its own to those who follow Kabbalah and truly believe in the representations of each of the branches that come from the words and inscriptions. The red string Kabbalah bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a representation of history and a way to understanding the path to creation for the Kabbalah follower to travel.