What is Kabbalah

Kabbalah, sometimes referred to, as Cabbalah or Qabalah is often viewed as an offshoot of Judaism but is that really the case? It sometimes seems to be shrouded in mystery and is often confused with occult-like practices.

We see the red string Kabbalah bracelet and hear about the notion that it wards off the 'evil eye' and think of witches and warlocks, but the truth is far from that mystical nonsense that the uneducated often spout when it comes to this religion. It is about the study of an ancient text and communing with God in a way that many other religions often exclude.

The healing spirituality of this religion comes from the belief that God is approachable. Many religions believe that God is more mystical and unapproachable, than a tangible being. That it is more a belief than an actual deity is. Jewish and the Christian Hermetic Kabbalah believes that this is not so. They believe that even though it may be hard and dangerous at times to approach God, it is possible through worship and careful study of the Torah.

The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament that were handed down from God to Moses on Mount Sinai thousands of years ago. Though the laws were inscribed onto the stone tablets that Moses later destroyed in a fit of rage over his fickle followers, the Kabbalists believe that the oral tradition of studying the Torah is how the secrets to creation can be found. The careful oral tradition was handed down through the years so that other followers could devote their time and energy to studying the laws, with the hope of discovering the healing spirituality of the Torah.

There are symbols that are often found in Qabalah, such as the tree of life jewelry or the red Kabbalah string bracelets that adorn the wrists of many followers. The tree of life symbol cries out to each follower as a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark existence. It gives them a constant reminder of what their religion means to them and how the branches of Kabbalah are all tied together into one great branch that binds humanity in the search for why we are here on Earth. It may not be the religion you were raised in but it may be one that speaks out to your spirit and your way of life.